Worldwide Foam is the first and only Platinum Distributors of Zotefoams in North America. This partnership allows us to provide readily available products include Plastazote and Evazote series. Exclusive to Worldwide Foam, the WZ series cross-linked polyethylene foams come in a more fabricator-friendly 48”x80” sheet size while maintaining all the unique features of Azote products including lightweight, consistent cell structure, purity, and low volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

The absence of any chemical blowing agents in the foam and a consistency of cell structure and density allow Zotefoams to offer the lightest cross-linked foams. The unique and environmentally friendly technology produces lightweight cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene-vinyl acetate foams that are frequently the safest, most sustainable choice in the applications they serve.  

All our 5 U.S. warehouses maintain stock of over 40 Zotefoams products ready to ship. 

Common Applications: 

  • Product protection 
  • Automotive (thermoformed parts 
  • Aerospace and aviation 
  • Medical and health care 
  • Athletic padding and helmet inserts 
  • General industrial seal and gasket 

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