Sealed Air Extruded PE Planks

Worldwide Foam is the Preferred Distributor of Sealed Air extruded polyethylene (PE). We currently carry three (3) Sealed Air PE products:




The ETHAFOAM® is a high-performance, extruded, closed cell polyethylene foam that is manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. Designed to consistently meet the shipping, storage, and handling requirements for industrial and military applications.  

STRATOCELL® is a heat-laminated PE plank that provides great cost efficiency and outstanding protection for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications. 

CELLU-CUSHION® foam is a non-cross-linked foam that provides excellent cushioning and compression strength for light cushioning applications. The closed cell construction is tear-resistant and provides a smooth surface that, when combined with the material flexibility, provides excellent surface protection. 

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