Cross-linked Polyethylene & Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foams are fine celled, chemically cross-linked materials with a micro-cellular structure. This type of material has a smooth surface, great shock absorption, and chemical resistivity. With the closed-cell structure, XLPE and EVA foams perform well as impact damping material, industrial gasket, thermal insulation, and protective packaging foam. 

We carry a wide array of XLPE & EVA buns ranging from 1.5 lb/ft3 to 15 lb/ftdensities in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Our XLPE and EVA materials meet FMVSS-302 requirements and are Reach and ROHS compliant. 

Due to its chemical resistance characteristics and strong impact damping capabilities, XLPE foam is an ideal material for a wide variety of applications including: 

  • Class A surface protective padding
  • Reusable/returnable product packaging 
  • Athletic padding and helmet inserts 
  • Costume and prop design 
  • Protective case inserts and tool control 

Regardless of the brand, size, density, color, and application, Worldwide Foam has the right solution for your needs!

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